BitBay is the revolutionary way to trade anything safely with anyone anywhere in the world.


Decentralized Markets

We offer a free decentralized marketplace, with no fees, no arbiters and no chargebacks. Trade internationally with anyone. It’s like a combination of eBay, Alibaba and oDesk.

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Pay to Email

Sending Bay is easy! Send to anyone even if they don’t have Bay wallet! Be part of the tipping craze and send your friends a small tip. You can even password protect your payment.

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Unbreakable Contracts

BitBay offers revolutionary unbreakable contracts, which allow you to agree on literally anything and know the other party will honor their part of the agreement.

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Hire or find a job

Perhaps the most powerful use case of all is the ability to hire knowing the work will get done. Absolutely perfect for outsourcing! As an employee you can be confident you will get paid.

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Advanced Security

Every account uses two keys, rendering your account unhackable, especially if two locations are used. Give each key a different password. Security on a whole new level.

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No more volatility

The biggest problem with digital currencies for ordinary people has been the extreme volatility in price. We have solved that by pegging Bay to US $. It will be implemented later this year.

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