BitBay is a free software program containing the world’s first decentralized market platform. This platform, utilizing the power of Double Deposit Escrow, allows for two parties from anywhere in the world to engage in trade, with absolutely no risk of scams or foul play. In addition, the BitBay platform features the advantage of David Zimbeck’s revolutionary “rolling peg” (with an anticipated release date of roughly Q4 2017), a dynamic pegging system that will reduce the volatility of BAY digital currency by magnitudes.

A question that often comes up regarding the topic of digital currency – why would a consumer prefer to utilize digital currency rather than their own respective national currencies? In BitBay’s case, the usage of digital currency enables transactions to occur without headache worldwide. One needn’t worry about exchange rates, money transfer fees, the status of their bank account, or even listing fees when using BitBay. Through BitBay, no one on Earth (literally) is excluded from participating in the open marketplace. Commercial marketplaces like eBay and Amazon restrict people from developing countries from participating in global commerce because they require a bank account, credit cards or other external forms of payment before you can use them. Platforms like Craigslist may not, but they have a significant factor of risk when conducting transactions, with no guarantee of payment. BitBay solves both of these issues. There are a lot of people in the world who don’t have access to modern financial services, but that shouldn’t disqualify them from participating in online commerce.

Another topic of note: corporate platforms simply cost much more than BitBay. The rest of your earnings are yours to keep. Not only that, but you may sell your BitBay for cold, hard fiat cash on the marketplace as well. No need to bother with giving exchanges your private and personal information, or leaving your money in some shady coin exchange wallet. With some of the best security features in crypto, you can rest easy knowing that your earnings are safely stored on the blockchain and only you have access to them. In one sentence, BitBay in a nutshell is a revolutionary platform designed to give power back to the consumer.