Sending cryptocurrency should be easy!

p2mHave you ever wanted to transfer money instantly to a family member or friend?

Now that is possible, both locally and internationally. They don’t even have to know what Bay is for this to work. You can send them Bay through any email provider compatible with the Bitbay client. The mail will include a link to a wallet download, and as soon as they have synced and downloaded the wallet, your payment will appear in their wallet instantly when they link their mail to the client. Are you concerned about security when sending money through email? No problem. You can password protect it.

Sending money to anyone in an instant has never been easier.

This system is also perfect for the “tipping” craze that has swept the internet. Get new people interested in cryptocurrency by sending them a small payment to their email. The keys to the payment are hidden within an image(steganography) so a hacker can’t easily read the payment and no server stores it. Also this adds some fun and mystery to the tip as you can customize the image you use and the message you send. Tip news outlets, merchants, bloggers and friends.