BitBay Community Update And Performance Upgrade v1.28 – July 17th

by 3r197 on July 17, 2017

  • The development team is currently uploading the new build of the Client in  prep to release (version 1.28)! As a precautionary – always backup your private keys before updating your Client!
    • Version 1.28 changelog:
      • Made it possible to manually import and export messages in case of failure of messaging system
      • Added option for donating the profits from a stake
      • Add price tracking for custom contracts set the foundation for tracking in future orders
      • Fixed bug where coinmarketcap is down and causes other threads to check the internet slowing down GUI
      • Various other user friendly changes
      • Sync Mac build in advance to make for faster connection and less bugs while syncing
      • Set to attempt more connection tries in Mac and also allow for staying connected so if a reindex is going on, the user can wait for it
      • Made Wine build so it doesn’t allow forceful windows exit corrupting the blockchain on Mac
      • Increased amount of time to connect, allow user to stay connected
      • Added ability to add to config from debug
      • Made breaking for change default less compulsive to reduce transaction costs(up to 10 of each denomination before breaking above that level and 25 inputs max)
      • Requests package SSL dependencies fixed. May eventually update system python to 2.7.13 if problems persists
      • Splash screen repaint which should hopefully solve missing or grey splash on some Linux. And a reminder,if you run the static linux build running the sh file directly, it might not show console window. To see it run the sh file from the console.
      • Cleared forms before loading to prevent data from not loading correctly
      • The new built-in price tracking Custom Contract Template and soon to be released Buy/Sell Anything Template. This price tracking is vital for merchants to keep their merchandise as accurate as possible in real time.
    • We would like to mention a notice to Mac users.
      • We have a new Mac build for people who are brand new to BitBay and don’t want to synchronize to the blockchain.
        • If any Mac user who already has a Client running and would rather use this new synchronized build we must remind you of the importance of having backups of both your private keys! Back them up in a location outside of the wineskin app! This link will provide you with the new Mac build that does not require synchronizing the entire blockchain files:
          • Please note that this MacSync build download is over 1 gigabyte in size and loads up a bit slow for that matter, therefore it might be best that we recommend MacSync users to manually update it after we release halo versions 1.29 and 1.3
      • Any existing Mac users that are already synchronized to the blockchain and simply wish to update to the newest version 1.28  you can do so by clicking on the download link for Mac in the website. This new version of Mac gives more time for the users computer to connect to the Bitbay daemon. If the Client doesn’t connect within a few minutes it notifies the user and instead of forcing them to exit it allows them to wait more time! This is especially necessary users with older Macs as the wineskin app has the ability to slow processes down similar to how VM’s can slow down program processes.
  • Bounty list updates:
    • Website development continues to make progress with about 50% of the list nearing completion.
    • We’ve recently acquired 2 new graphic designers to prep for completing various bounties like infographics and website updates
    • Exchanges:
      • Blocknet is nearing completion of it’s testnet phase and will be preparing for mainnet release over the next few weeks. As mentioned before BitBay will be included on first round of coin listings in their upcoming Dex (decentralized exchange).
      • We are hosting a bitcoin donation fund to be listed on the Cryptopia exchange. The current amount required to be listed is 1.3 BTC. Anyone willing to help out with the fund can donate to:
  • Our preliminary budget for our new marketing team is complete. The official BitBay Marketing and Development Fund is: bZXmqJqPJ9fyLyCPKAYEaKJqGwBA6jaQHR
    • It can be tracked here:
    • As mentioned above in the version update, we will now have an option to donate stake rewards to the BitBay development fund! We will provide a tutorial for this feature in next week’s community update.
    • The account is currently managed by 2 people who have donated 99% of the funding to the project. As time progresses we will provide options to integrate a multisignature account management system to create a more decentralized environment for the funding and management of the account
  • The development of our two secret summer projects continues. The 1st project nearing completion has just finished the log-in development for users to set up accounts for the website. That might not sound like much to some, but when you take in consideration how the user accounts are managed you are in for a surprise. Hopefully within the next 2 to 3 weeks the core team will begin beta testing the website in preparation for a final release to public.
    • For the record this website will be a completely separate entity from BitBay, yet it will utilize BitBay solely as a means of currency.


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    why do you only sell on bittrex ?

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