Digital currencies are peer to peer networks. It is important to have many people participate in the network for network security. To ensure this, some kind of motivation is needed. Bay is a Proof of Stake (PoS) coin. That means by using the software you are paid interest to help strengthen the network when staking is activated.

Staking, as this is called, is to leave your wallet running, and thus become one of many nodes that confirm transactions on the network. The interest rate is 1% annual.

The QT wallet is a “Lite wallet” that can receive, store, and send Bay. It can also stake.

The Markets Client can send, receive, stake, vote and store Bay. It also features the market, smart contracts,  and all the thousands of amazing features that make Bay so wonderful.

N.B. You can install both the QT wallet and the Client on your computer, but you can only run one at a time.

BitBay Market Client

Upcoming full-feature client


BitBay Blockchain

Grab the current blockchain to get up and running fast. This download currently works only for Window OS


QT Wallets

Receive, Send, Store and Stake


QT Wallets Source Code

You may wish to compile your own wallet straight from source or just review the code for the QTs.

BitBay QTs on Github

Markets Wallets Source Code

You can build our markets from source. Variable names are changed to prevent easy cloning. Code is easy to audit and comes with instructions for building BitBay, Bitmessage and all Halo products including BitHalo.

BitBay Markets Source Code