Welcome to BitBay

If you’ve decided to get started with BitBay, you are at the right place! You have most likely read up about the project and understand the basics of what BitBay is. If not, we encourage you to read the About section to get a grasp on things.

The following is a simple list of things you can do to get involved in the world of Bay.

1. Download the software

There are currently two pieces of software we provide Bay users: A beta of the full BitBay Client, which already provides a wealth of features with more in development, and the BitBay QT Wallets, which are used for simply sending, storing and staking $Bay.

Pick your Operating System below and go ahead and download both clients.

Windows QT Wallet
Click to download

Beta Market Client
Click to download

Mac QT Wallet
Click to download

Beta Market Client
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Linux QT Wallet
Click to download

Beta Market Client
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Now that you have both files downloaded, it’s time to install the QT Wallet so you can get to sending and receiving your first $BAY. The full market client will be discussed in a further step, as there is a lot to explain!

QT Wallet Instructions

2. Get some $BAY

The BitBay market is supported by our digital currency, $Bay. Now that you’ve downloaded our software, you should get at least a little Bay so you can play around with the new features of the client. Once you have some $Bay you can also earn more by staking in the QT wallet.

You can buy Bay at one of several exchanges that trade $BAY. They are:

3. Get started with the Market Client

BitBay’s main offering is our advanced Market Client, which will allow for totally decentralized markets to exist, allowing people to trade in a better, safer and much fairer way.

There are many new features and concepts coming with the Market Client, and so we have split up information relating to it.

Setting things up

This section covers installing the client, and getting set up and ready to work with the market. Get set up

Using the Client and Markets

Once you complete setup you are ready to start learning about all the exciting features in the Market Client, including trading on the market, creating contracts and much more. Learn how to use the Market Client