Let’s face it, the internet is now a seamless part of everyday life for most people all around the world. PC’s, handheld devices, WiFi, game consoles, and even vehicles are connected to a mass neural network we call “the internet”. Our team feels that although the internet is a beautiful resource and tool for humanity, it is not without some obvious flaws. Our focus currently is getting around the fact that the internet is now completely centralized and controlled by the world’s government elites and corporate entities. This is a monopoly that must be stopped before regulation and control gets out of hand.

BitBay’s Blockchain will have the power to contain a new system of accessing the world wide web. Smart objects (with digital tokens) can now be linked to physical objects in the real world. Thus, smart objects now become ‘smart property’. So what does this mean for the average person?

Let’s say you want to buy a car. As a smart object, your car is now part of the BitBay network. By utilizing our marketplace and smart contracts, the parties involved can make the trade and the car will now only unlock for the rightful owner which is proven on the Blockchain. Simply ‘sync’ the car to your wallet using your smartphone and make sure you’ve got a full tank of gas! The future of digital transactions is endless, and seamless!

This is the future, this is the internet 3.0! All things will be networked and the beginning starts now with BitBay.