Bitbay’s Halo Client networks through a peer-to-peer communication protocol that is trustless, decentralized, and encrypted. This system is known as Bitmessaging. Bitmessaging is the bridge that allows the Halo Client to network without the need for servers to host the marketplace. This is accomplished through Bitmessage “channeling”. Think of it like a typical email system and commerce forum combined that can’t be shut down unless your computer loses interenet connection. In other words, with Bitmessaging, your client generates a personal bitmessage address (where you can find in your “Receive Bitbay” tab), this can be utilized to receive Bitbay coins, and the marketplace utilizes Bitmessage “channel addresses” that you can search for items, employment, etc. You can create as many “channels” as you wish or join other existing channels/markets and post contracts to them.