If you want to send Bay to someone that does not have a Bay wallet, you can use email.

This feature is called “PaytoEmail”, it allow for you to send bitbays to anyone, anywhere, simply by clicking on the“Send Bitbay” tab in the Client and entering their email address into the “Pay to:” box. This is a great way to help spread the word about bitbay with friends and family. (Note however, their address must be on the list of email account providers compatible with the client. The providers are listed in the clients “Receive Bitbay” tabs “?” box. Again, future updates will add more email account providers.)


They will receive an email from your email address stating:

“You have received a payment of >insert amount< BitBays! Please do not delete this email. If you are new to Cryptocurrency, somebody may have sent you these coins as a ‘Tip’. If you were expecting a payment then please open BitBay. Make sure you have this specific email account loaded into Halo to redeem the coins. If the coins are password protected, please ask the counter-party for the password. If you have not yet downloaded BitBay then please do so here…”  http://bitbay.market

Replace above with screenshot?

Once they download and install the client all they need to do to receive their coins you sent is for them to set up their client as described in this article (or in the Client’s Help tab/ documentation article) and add the corresponding email address that you sent the coins to. If you send a password protected “PaytoEmail”, which we recommend as it protects agains hackers stealing the email from the receiver, then you can give that person the password once they’ve installed and set up the client. This password protected “PaytoEmail” offer can be redeemed by the receiver clicking on the “Pending Offers” tab in the client. They should see the tip sent to them by you the sender. Once they click on it, a password window will pop up asking for the senders password. Once complete the coins will be transfered!

Now we have a client set up with 3 ways to transact to send and receive coins. You can either enter a bitbay address, bitmessage address, or email address.

Remember: If you have further questions, don’t forget to click on the “?” box in the “Recieve Bitbay” tab window or refer to the “Help” tab and click on the “Documentation” article.