Meet the Team

BitBay was founded in 2014 and later taken over by the community. It now comprises of David Zimbeck and an energetic team of talented people from around the world.

Core team

David Zimbeck

Lead Developer

David is the lead developer for the BitBay Halo Client, which is the industry's leader in trustless smart contract technology.

Craig Claussen

Applications Manager

Client testing, support, and smart contract experimentation. Part of upper management with David and Bjørn.

Bjørn Alsos (Munti)

Operations Manager

In crypto since spring 2014, and BitBay since right after the ICO. Besides being Community Manager he has also worked on the peg, testing, support, etc. Now focused on user experience and adoption.


Project Manager

Shorn is our Project Manager, responsible for planning and coordinating the team and members who work on BitBay.

Aletha Kellond


Aletha is our Bounty Manager/Strategic Recruitment Partner and is responsible for global sourcing across all disciplines within BitBay.




Anoxy is one of our Developers working on apps and websites related to the BitBay blockchain and its development.

Giorgos Kontopoulos

Web Development & Design

Giorgos is responsible for website development and design and helps out in all web related technical issues.



With more than 15 years experience and a Blockchain enthusiast, Alex develops GUI applications based on Qt.





Slava is a full stack Javascript developer working with Node, Angular and React JS.

Design team

Bruno Guimarães

Art Director

Bruno is responsible for our visual identity and creative campaigns.


Graphic Designer

Along with Bruno, Louise works on the visuals and creative campaigns.

Marketing & Communications


Technical Writer

Responsible for our technical content, writing assignments and feature testing.


Community Support

Supporting our community via our Twitter, Reddit and Telegram channels and on the BitBay Forum. Mantrack also contributes to our technical documentation.


Email Marketing

Charlotte works on the Marketing Team and looks after the creation of the newsletter and its content.

Leah Zitter

Content Marketing

Leah Zitter is a professional writer and researcher with more than 10 years experience writing for media outlets, agencies, corporations and companies.

Community Managers


Communities Manager

Mohamed is responsible for the management of the international BitBay Communities and also the Arabic language community.


French Community Manager

Working actively to update and manage the French community of BitBay.


Indian Community Manager

Anmol updates the Indian BitBay community with the latest news via social media.


Russian Community Manager

Keeping the Russian BitBay community updated with the latest news.

Seungjin Oh

Korean Community Manager

Suengjin keeps our Korean community up to date with the latest BitBay news.

Manuela Garcia

Spanish Community Manager

Manuela updates our Spanish community with the all latest BitBay news.

Akio Sashima

Japanese Community Manager

Akio updates our Japanese community with the all latest BitBay news.