BitBay’s Amazing Wall of Features


Below is what we affectionately like to call the BitBay Wall of Features.  You can always find answers to any additional questions by visiting the links below…

[BitBay Slack]

[BitBay BitCoinTalk]

Unlike other cryptocurrency projects, BitBay is not a promotion or vaporware. This crypto software is available for you to use today, for free, and does exactly what it says.  Many investors speculate on coins, not even bothering to download the software and see the power of what it offers. We are trying to fix that. The BitBay Smartmarket Client software has a full user interface and hundreds of features exhaustively tested over the years. There is absolutely nothing like this anywhere in the digital currency world.

The main feature will be the upcoming rolling-peg system, which will allow for a less volatile price than your average digital currencies.  This is in the works and planned to be released near the end of 2017.

Here are some of the many other features BitBay has (*) to offer…

*Unbreakable contracts (Peer to Peer no blockchain bloat)

*Decentralized Anonymous Markets (Peer to Peer no blockchain bloat stronger than Tor)

*Multisignature wallets with dual passwords hidden inside of PNG/JPG images using steganography

*Automated Joint accounts and the ability to sign transactions with 2 computers (hard core security)

*User Friendly Templates for contracts

*Training videos

*Ability to hide any file in an image

*IMAP under the hood full integration with Email, automated negotiation of contracts

*Price tracking so orders always maintain price

*Bitmessage fully integrated decentralized Email and Markets

*Translates to 90 languages

*Unique change management system which breaks all the change into denominations

*Easy to use accounting panel

*Live Python Debugger, run the interpreter within the software

*Advanced sending with multi-pay options

*”Pay To Email” tipping system. Hide payments in images direct to email.

*Full Offer/Counter-Offer negotiation system.

*Escrow panel with tons of options, anonymous chat

*Feedback and reputation system, see how many contracts gained and lost

*Serverless, everything is Peer to Peer

*Decentralized moderation keys available to trusted users

*Custom contracts and all kinds of contact options

*Start your own market, completely anonymous

*Cash for coins template

*Custom contract template (can do anything you want if you are familiar with it)

*Decentralized “Local Bitcoins”: Send wires without the fear of theft due to Double deposit

*Decentralized exchange of cash for coins

*Buy/Sell anything without “Empty Box Scam” NO ARBITER NEEDED. It is self-enforcing trade even with untrusted parties

*Works like a decentralized trustless Ebay… NO MIDDLEMEN, NO ESCROW NEEDED

*Cold Staking using two computers, impossible to hack joint-account staking.

*Custom Staking with Voting! Completely trustless voting and donations via staking.

*Anti-Keylogger: A special on-screen keyboard to obliterate keyloggers once and for all. Even mouse movement loggers will be no match for this unless every movement is recorded

*Tor and proxy options for internet requests

*Unbreakable Employee contracts. FORCE people to HONOR their word!  No more unreliable employees when they have their own collateral involved.

And, and additional list of those features planned for the future (**)…

**Exotic spending… we will have the world’s first client to support time locks in the UI, deadman’s switch and burn and parking and freezing coins all supported within the UI.

**”Mom Friendly” templates are still being worked on so it takes as few clicks as possible to form a contract. No need to think of “terms and conditions” contracts are anonymous and self-enforcing. Here is some of the features that we are working on in 2017:

**Buy/Sell template featuring multiple shipping options including a calculator and options to bill in escrow

**Employment template featuring the ability for weekly reports and auto-payment within contract. Payments contingent on reports

**Barter contract with amazing “wish list” where each item can be calculated converting kilograms to hours and ability to know exactly how many “Avocados” you need for a pound of “Tomatoes”. Perfect for farming co-op in 3rd world countries. Perfect for trading used items!

**Reverse auctions! Sellers bid for you the buyer

**Normal Auctions… Ebay style decentralized auctions

**Python contracts: Use the python interpreter to make contracts between peers. Pre-approved contracts potentially possible for verified devs and audited code on github.

**API And more!