Install Windows Client & Set Up Your Account

It is easy to get started with the BitBay Windows Client and be on your way to exploring the Marketplace.  While installing may be fairly intuitive, you might have a few questions while setting up your account.  I hope to answer those in the document below.  If you have any questions I have not answered, please visit the team on the BitBay Slack.

Step 1. Download the Client – While this guide will be specifically for Windows version 1.25 when it comes to the installation, the BitBay Client is available for Linux & Mac also.  Get your copy here: http://bitbay.market/download


Step 2. The file shows up Zipped.  Unzip and you will find an Executable Install file.  Check the next step before clicking it.


Step 3. Though not necessary, I prefer to keep everything in one folder called BitBay on my main drive.  I first create C:\BitBay and copy the executable there, then double click it to install.  During the installation process, I always specify this folder when asked.


Step 4. When setup is complete, there will be a BitBay.exe program in the folder you just created.  Clicking this will open the client.  The first time, a Setup Wizard will appear and guide you through creating the initial settings for your account.


Step 5. On the Create your account screen you will read about the 2 key files BitBay uses for your wallet.  You may be used to other digital currencies, where only 1 key is used.  As you will see in the next step, the increased security multiple keys offers you is one of BitBay’s main features.  After you click the Create My First Wallet button, it will ask you where to save your first key (Key1).  You can save it wherever you want.  I have mine saved in my main BitBay folder.  We are going to encrypt it and make it completely secure here shortly.


Step 6. The second key is the one I use to make 100% sure nobody is breaking into my client wallet.  I put this key on a thumb drive which I only insert when I am using the client.  This thumb drive acts like the key to start a car.  Someone trying to break into my wallet cannot start it without first physically inserting the thumb drive with this second key.  A future version of BitBay’s client will allow this key to be kept on a separate computer for cold staking.


Step 7. Protect those keys!  I would recommend encrypting both keys, even if you have them on separate drives.  Use something impossible to guess, but easy to remember.  I have a copy of my favorite book by my computer.  Key1 is the first line of the book.  Key2 is the last line.  Be creative with your passwords, but don’t make them something you cannot remember.  They cannot be changed, so do not lose them.


Step 8. If you want even more security, the next step will allow you to hide your keys inside of a photo or picture.  Read the important instructions and follow the simple steps.

Step 9. This step requires more explanation.  There are two possible ways to send and receive transactions and messages within the client.  If you do not set up an Email, Bitmessage is already installed within the client and can be used.  The downside to using Bitmessage is the slowness and only contracts specifically set up for Bitmessage can be accepted.  It can take minutes for any transaction or message sent to show up on the other end.

Email is faster, and is required for accepting the faucet, but you will Not want to use one of your personal Email addresses.  I recommend creating a new anonymous email account used specifically for your BitBay Client account.  The supported Email providers within BitBay are Google, Outlook, AOL and Hotmail.   Why do I recommend a new anonymous Email?  BitBay requires the password for the Email account used to send and receive messages directly.  I would not want to use my personal email account and password for this purpose.


That is it for setting up your account.  The program should now open the Market.  If this is your first time your client is probably syncing, which can take many hours.  The Market offers are all on the decentralized blockchain so you won’t see them until you are fully synced.  At this point you may want to check the Downloads page to see if there is a ‘BitBay Blockchain Download’ available. You can use it to avoid the long syncing process.  Once you have it completely downloaded you should just be able to replace your ‘bitbaydata’ folder to save hours of time syncing.

Now you can head over to the Faucet where you can get 100 BAY Free just for accepting the contract.  See the steps to accomplish that using the link below:

How To Get 100 BAY Free Using the Client Faucet