Update Your QT Wallet


As I updated my own wallet, I documented each step in the process.  Hopefully the directions below will help answer any questions you may have as you update your own.

Step 1 – It is always a very good idea to save a copy of your wallet.dat file located in your AppData-> Roaming -> BitBay folder in another location.


Step 2 – Delete everything from your AppData-> Roaming-> BitBay folder except for your wallet.dat file.

Step 3 – Download the latest version of the QT Wallet from http://bitbay.market/downloads/.  There are versions for Windows, Mac and Linux available.  This walkthrough is for the Windows QT Wallet, but the BitBay Client is also updated if you need to download it.

Step 4 – Unzip the Bitbay-qt.exe executable from the bitbayqtwin.zip file you downloaded.  If you want you can place it in your AppData-> Roaming-> BitBay folder, but it will also work from wherever you prefer to place it.


Step 5 – Run the bitbay-qt.exe program.  You will see new files being created in your BitBay folder.  This will also open up your new wallet.  At this point the blockchain has been reset and will start to be synced up from the first block on the chain.  I let it sync from the wallet and it took about five hours, but if you continue with the directions below you can reduce the time it takes to 30 minutes or less.

Here are the files you should see at this point.  Notice the blk0001.dat file is very small.  This file will eventually contain the blockchain.


Step 6 – Close your Wallet and head back to the http://bitbay.market/downloads/ page.  Look for the BitBay Blockchain download.  This is a 660+ MB file and took about 20 minutes for me.


Step 7 – Open the bitbaybootstrap.zip file when it is finished downloading, and copy everything there.  (make sure your wallet is closed)


Step 8 – Paste the files directly into your AppData-> Roaming-> BitBay folder.


Step 8.5 – It will probably ask you if you want to replace some of the files.  Answer yes to replace the files in the destination.  When complete, your blk0001.dat file will be much larger.


Step 9 – Click the executable once again to reopen your wallet.  It should only take minutes now to catch up to the latest block on the chain.  It should not have touched your wallet.dat file during the update process, but if you are concerned you can always use the copy you made in step 1.