BitBay Community Update – 31st December 2017

2017 was a big year for cryptocurrency. The total market capitalization of all digital currencies skyrocketed from $17.87 billion to to a peak of $638.54 billion. We have seen the total market cap of BitBay soar from $880,321 to a $287,409,432. In terms of percentages, BAY has outperformed the total growth of the sector by roughly 914%. This is incredibly exciting for all of us: from those in the community who have held since ICO, all the way to those who have recently discovered BitBay.

More important than price, though, is value. As a team, we are very proud of the milestones we have achieved in the past year.

In January, The BAY blockchain was forked and upgraded from Proof-of-Stake 2.0 to 3.0. Voting privileges for all BAY stakeholders were granted.

In March, David released version 1.26 of the BitBay Market Client. Version 1.26 introduced a variety of features to the client, such as staking (formerly only available for the QT wallet), cold staking, staking multiple addresses at the same time, the anti-keylogging virtual keyboard, Tor proxy and many more crucial upgrades.

May brought us version 1.27 with a wide variety of performance enhancements, so many that it may be easier for you to view them here!

In June, we established our new marketing team. Many of the original members are still with us, and many more wonderful individuals have taken on the task of promoting BitBay since.

August brought us our full suite of tutorial videos featuring detailed explanations of BitBay’s full feature set and offering users a guided walk-through on how to utilize the BAY platform to the fullest.

In September, the very first parcel of real estate was sold via the BitBay platform, with the buyer and seller living in different countries. The best part? The transaction occurred smoothly and seamlessly without the need for middlemen!

Our revamped roadmap was unveiled in October, providing further vision and clarity of what the community can expect on the timeline of BitBay advancements in the future.

November brought us the fork, raising the staking reward. Most excitingly, we saw the launch of the revamped BitBay website, complete with a new aesthetic and a brand new web wallet – no synchronizing required!

We announced an exciting Christmas Surprise in December: a revolutionary multisignature-secured poker website. David is still hard at work implementing the latest smart contract templates into the market client. The rest of the team is working hard to boost awareness of BitBay, grow our user-base, and provide technical support to the level expected of a top-rated digital currency via our new forum and community portal.

We are sincerely grateful to everyone who has been a part of BitBay in the past year. From users, to investors, to team members both past and present – thank you! 2018 will be a year of high expectations and our aim is to exceed every one of them. Let’s get to it!

The BitBay team.