Any word on opti token airdrop?


Just read about it. Looked like the community response to the proposal was a bit underwhelming. Did it die a death or is it happening? If the latter, any guidance on what BAY holders need to do? I’m skint and could use a freebie.


It’s scheduled to happen, don’t worry. We will release the details as soon we have them confirmed. David and optitoken guy know each others from Bithalo. You can see on our main telegram room (Official Bitbay telegram chat rooms and social medias) the optitoken guy answering questions about that. He said “David is been really assistive and is going to help us take a snapshot of balances on wallets on a given date. I think we were shooting for April 10th but if people need a bit more time we can push it back a week or so.”.


That’s great news. I will bone up on the project. Thanks