BitBay Website Relaunch Project




BitBay Website Restructure and Relaunch

We have had the same website and content for a few years now, with only some small changes made in that time. We need a new website that highlights clearly and effectively all the parts of the BitBay eco-system and is up to date with where the project is at right now.

I would like to build a new site that is based on the current graphics and colours etc, but with a new structure that makes it easier for people to discover and learn about BitBay and all aspects of the project.

Responsible Person: Shorn

Project Tasks:

  1. Research and Analysis - already completed
  2. Wire-frame - desktop and mobile home page structure, 1 inner content page and site navigation - already completed
  3. Create new sitemap - already completed
  4. Community feedback - already completed
  5. New Website Style guide - in progress
  6. One page Prototype (Home) - already completed
  7. Prototype HTML build - in progress
  8. Device testing
  9. Community feedback
  10. Optimisations
  11. Export static code to host on GitHub pages
  12. Any other tasks as needed (Mailchimp, Google Analytics or Open Web Analytics plus any other integrations)

NB. This proposal does not include translation work which will be done by freelance translators where needed. We already have a lot of content prepared so that will be used where possible.

Project Costs:

The total hours spent so far are approx 26. Remaining hours for tasks 7 - 12 = approx 2 weeks full-time (60 hours) at an hourly rate of €35.

Total budget required to complete the tasks above: €2100

Once 50% of the total amount has been received (approx €1050 depending on btc value) I will continue working on the tasks above. Any donations over the amount will go towards future tasks.

Payment addresses:

BTC: 3LShcwRJsNdtKMR1sgRf7Ah36T3mKnZsj4

USDT: 0x9050C8c69E6F1Fe5cEF50B28B3EBcbBe0D7e45f8

Many thanks for reading and all donations are welcome no matter how small :slight_smile: