Issues in Latoken deposit


hello Craig,
yesterday I sent 6 transactions of BayR from my Q Wallet to my Bay account of Latoken.
they did not arrive yet. And I see there are some problems now with Bay Latoken deposit.
what happened?

this is my first transaction:

Stato: 1432 conferme, trasmesso attraverso 10 nodi
Data: 06/04/2020 09:02
Debito: -0.0000559 BAY
A: latoken enzo r BECgQ2XwTRLFW1V6oZSehXPuqjXnMi6v7V
Debito: -140,000.00 BAY
Commissione transazione: -0.0002 BAY
Importo netto: -140,000.0002559 BAY
ID della transazione: 62c1f66da5ac89c8a6207c0b1f21efb01062fd586e5c85f3b1989a75b9f76142


Sorry about the issue. We will look into this



Thanks for reaching out to support. LA Token has temporarily paused all deposits while they fix a small wallet issue today. It is expected that they will reopen deposits again shortly.

Also, since you sent Reserve coins (BAYR), they will be timelocked for 1-month (from the time of sending) before being available on the exchange. I just looked up your transaction details and everything looks normal.

Please note: It is best practice to only send BAYR to a BAYR address and BAY to a BAY address on LA Token.

Here is a little more info on how the Dynamic Peg works: