Why have BitBay price charts and info disappeared from CoinmMarketCap in the past week?


What’s happening?
Are BitBay still operational?
Is trading still possible?


BitBay was only listed on LaToken exchange, they found some glitch and are trying to fix it and until then BitBay is not listed anywhere so trading is not possible atm, coinmarketcap gets its data from exchanges that is why no charts, but that should not spike fear because i think after this updates, other exchanges will start listing the token again.


Trading is temporarily paused while LA Token resolves a bug on their end. Also the price info is still listed here on Coin Gecko:


Does anyone know of a timeline for when LA Token will fix this issue?
I can’t find any information on their end.


LA Token has not provided us with a timeline, as the issue is fairly complex to fix. That said, they are working around the clock to fix it and will reopen trading as soon as possible.