With the tool below you can calculate your reward in $BAY coins for operating BITBAY nodes

Amount of BAY you are staking:


Variable rewards for dynamic peg:

Percentage of all users staking

Coin supply: 1 billion
Block time: 64 seconds
Nominal stake interest: .5% to 2% annual
Min transaction fee: 0.00005500
Confirmations for approval (recommended): 10
Confirmations for maturity: 120

Input that is majority liquid - 5 coins
Input that is majority reserve - 10 coins
Input that is frozen reserve - 20 coins
Input that is frozen liquid - 40 coins

Frozen reserve timelock - 1 month
Frozen liquid timelock - 4 months

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For more info about the dynamic peg, see the dynamic peg visual explainer in PDF format.
The amount of stakes a user wins depends on how many users are trying to stake at once. If you are holding mostly frozen reserve then the reward is at 20 coins which averages at 1% when 100% of the network is staking. However since usually less than half of the network funds are staking then the rewards can be more frequent. For example, if 50% of the network is staking then it's logical to predict that you will get double the chance of a reward. However there is no guarantee you will win stakes because it is random which inputs are selected. The stakers perform the service of protecting the network. Therefore the funds they get is in exchange for validating transactions in a block.