Able to buy with LTC/USD?


As the title states, any exchange you can recommend. Thanks! :slight_smile:


I don’t know of any exchanges that trade BAY with LTC but you can probably convert them to BTC and send them to bittrex (they are not accepting any new accounts though as of end of last week

You might want to post your offer in ../../../forum-archive/c/marketplace-listings and someone might be able to trade with you one on one


I noticed that with bittrex, however I have a verified Binance account. Couldn’t find a way to buy any coins there either. I am currently Syncing to the blockchain via the Marketplace and plan on getting 100 coins via the Get 100 Free $BAY for Trying the BitBay Client! post.

I will take a look around the market place once fully synced. Thanks for the help.


I don’t know if I’m understanding you correctly…
So you want to buy Bay with LTC?

Cryptopia does have a LTC/BAY market pairing

Does that help?


Yes, very much so! Very excited for this addition to my portfolio, i’m excited to be part of the work you’re doing. Currently downloading the exchange!