About the Community Proposals category


The community behind BitBay is what makes it so unique in the crypto-sphere and we want to enable everyone to have an input in shaping the future of BitBay as we head into 2019.

All our forum members are invited to submit their ideas and suggestions to:

  • help enhance the BitBay ecosystem
  • increase adoption of BAY as a stable currency
  • build real-world products and solutions
  • contribute to the BitBay source code

The community will be able to vote on every proposal that is submitted via this forum category.

We are also excited to announce the Community Projects Initiative will have its own dedicated fund enabling the community to reward the projects with a total of 250,000 BAY available over the 12 month period from January - December 2019.

Contributions that gain enough votes will be advanced to a second round where they are rated by the community and core team based on factors such as the concept, code quality, ease-of-use, adoption process etc. We’ll have more details about this rating process before we launch the dedicated 'BitBay Community Website’ in December.

Voting will be added to this category soon