BitBay_Guy here


What’s up everyone! I’m Cory, I help out the team with community stuff - writing the weekly update, writing articles for social media, and generally just being around for community members with questions.

BitBay was one of the first crypto projects I found that really stood out - there was a fully functional application, the team was fully transparent and actually had plenty of very in-depth conversations with me about what they were trying to do with BAY, leaving me with very few causes for concern.

Fast forward to now, roughly 8 months later and a few client updates later, and BitBay is still looking great! I love what David is trying to do with this project, and I think everyone on the team really has a passion for the end goal of BitBay, which is to ultimately bust the world of commerce wide open and provide the lowest possible price to users while maximizing the freedom of vendors and customers alike.


Cory nice to see you here … hope you enjoy your stay


Welcome. Cory :smiley:


hey Cory! :sunglasses: