Buying BAY / High Sierra Update



Completely new to BAY (and the entire crypto world for that matter).

For High Sierra users with issues installing the client, currently is the only alternative way of buying BAY by going through an exchange? If so, would I first need to buy bitcoin then exchange for BAY? Then simply create a web wallet and transfer BAY from the exchange to the wallet?

Any timing update / estimate on a revised client that is compatible with High Sierra?


welcome to BitBay
only way to get BAY is through an exchange no matter what system you are on
or the alternative would be to get paid/bounties (look in the recruitement and bounties section) or if you have another idea on how to help out the project please let us know

if you are going to get BAY from an exchange you will need BTC (bittrex) or LTC (cryptopia)
and if you want to transfer to YOUR OWN WALLET and can’t get it running on High Sierra then you can transfer to a web wallet and backup print your wallet to backit up (like paper wallet)

But note that we are working on High Sierra and I believe will have a release soon

Native mac Qt (with other Qt releases) is scheduled for release jan 14th
For the more powerful client scheduled release is sometime in march.


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