Cannot send 'SPENDABLE' balance (NOT RESOLVED since June 5th)


My system has the following specifications

QT Wallet, Client Wallet (and version) or Web wallet:3.0.2
Operating System and version: Windows 10
desktop wallet (Qt or Client) block # 2632717 and #43 connections:

The problem I am having is … I cannot send ‘spendable’ balance to LA Token. If I even try to send half of it, I get a error message about oversized transaction (Error: transaction creation failed, CT-7 oversize standard tx size).

Transfer spendable funds is already selected with Inputs: automatically selected.

Please help.



Can you please ensure that the tx fee is .02 BAY or higher? Let me know if it still gives you the error with that fee amount.


Yes the fee is already 0.02 but I have tried to increase it to 0.2 and then 1 BAY without success. The same error message appears.