Christmas surprise 4000 bit bays for 5 days


4000 bitbays on 5 days of Christmas for solving puzzle is it authentic?


Yes it is :slight_smile:
Feel free to participate


how Long will it take for my Client to fully sync? i used the blockchain download and now i am stuck at 88% and worried that it will take too long


What OS are you on?
If you are using win or linux you should be fine.
If you have sync issues, please post in support about that


i am on Windows. Btw i still didnt find yesterdays Picture. Just out of curiosity where in the Forum was it?



Kindly can you share link here and I just have this forum and a bit bay app installed on laptop how will they transfer the bitbay coins?


I just gave you the link. And your questions are answerred in the post I gave you a link for


Thankyou so much for the help :slight_smile:


There’s a suggestion if you guys make small clips of your giveaways and it’s process all about qt and client step by step it will be easir for us to understand and also the coin get promotion


IS there any hints about image files?, i download all images on websites, but not match it…


Same here. Checked thoroughly every single page, no image with keys. Lost 4 hours with this “search”. Not cool Bitbay team, not cool at all.