**Foreign Community Manager - Chinese **



**Foreign Community Manager - Chinese **

Bitbay are looking for language speakers to establish, grow and maintain our Foreign Communities. At present, we are looking for a Chinese language speaker who also has a strong grasp of English to undertake accurate translation work. We envisage we need someone who can spare approx 20 hours a week.

All foreign community managers are expected to build a community in our own forum + minimum 1 social media.
Translation and posting of weekly and monthly newsletter + any other announcements are mandatory
Translating our site
Making subtitles for our tutorials
Improving the translation in our wallet
Community managers are rewarded with $Bay for each member that joins the community up till 2000 members. After 2000 members are reached community manager is rewarded a maintenance reward of $bay a month.
The reward will be adjusted in accordance to price change for Bay

please email your CV to [email protected] our Recruitment Manager.