Hello, I'm BayCorti


Hello! I’m invested in BitBAY since March 2017 and I really think that it could be one of the major coin of 2018, that would be the main place to buy things with cryptogains!

Hope to become an active member and i’m wondering if you are searching for a French Community Manager?

Thanks for your work ! :slight_smile:


Welcome here! Well we would definitely appreciate the more help we can get. That could be good indeed! You could come to Bitbay’s slack to discuss with us if you have any specific ideas in mind! https://bitbay.market/slack :slight_smile:
You can also email your CV to [email protected] our Recruitment Manager.
Thank you for your appreciation!

edit: I just saw you got in touch with Aletha on another thread! So let’s keep it there regarding the job of community manager.


Hello @BayCorti and welcome to the community …


Welcome @BayCorti! Glad to have you as part of this awesome community!