Hi everyone! Shorn here from the BitBay team


Nice to see everyone starting to use the new BitBay community portal! My role at BitBay is Project Manager and I’ve been around a while now, working with the teams and delivering you guys the new platforms: the new website, explorer, blog and of course this new forum and support centre.

If you have any suggestions or feedback let us know over here: ../../../forum-archive/c/bitbay-feedback



The new forum is looking so :fire:!!! Everything is very easy to navigate and set up. The accountability and badge reputation system is pretty sweet too.


I am really enjoying the new forum


Yeah new forum is a big hit! Are we going to stick with the Slack as well? Or eventually move everyone off that to here?


We’re looking to replace slack entirely with the forum @Blakebad as it’s much easier to keep a track of things here.