I didn't receive any coins in my wallet



I downloaded the bitbay qt wallet in the beginning of the year and transferred some BAY to the receiving address that is shown. I was in a hurry, because the exchange, where i bought the coins, said i had to move those, otherwise they would get lost. So i didn’t waste time and sent the coins to the qt wallet, while the blockchain was still downloading. After i downloaded it completely, the balance was 0. I read something about private keys, but didn’t have to create something like this in the beginning. So i just downloaded the wallet and the blockchain and sent coins to the receiving address. Can you help me finding my coins?
Thanks in advance!


What version of the QT wallet are you running?

You can check the receiving address here on chainz:

If the coins show up here, then you still have them and it’s simply an issue of updating your wallet.

If you need any help with updating to the latest version, let us know.


Thank you for your help. The coins are showing there.
I use QT version 5.11.1.
Strangely it shows a different receiving address now :confused:
I tried to update the wallet like in the forum described, but it didnt work. I had a new wallet, new receiving address, but no coins.
I never did have private keys and that makes me think, that my coins could be gone.


Okay, so your coins are safe at that address, as long as you have the wallet.dat file associated with them.

Are these the instructions you followed when trying to update?


I dont know, where my mistake was in the past, but now i can see my coins. Thanks a lot sir! Now i got the next question. What does “Spendable” and “Reserve” mean? Nearly all of my coins are on Reserve. Can i still send those? If no, why and when will I be able?

Can you give me your BAY address, so that I can send you some coins for your invested time? Thank you very much!


Glad they are now showing up!
‘Spendable’ and ‘Reserve’ are the two different tradable assets that make up BitBays blockchain.

Here is some more information:

And no need for payment, the pleasure is all mine. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ah, I undersant. Do you know an exchange, where I can trade BAY?


Right now, LA Token is the only exchange that is offering BAY trading. They had to temporarily pause trading to fix a bug.

Keep an eye out on Telegram and Discord for announcements and updates on the trading, as we hope it will open back up soon.