If I voluntarily freeze my coins for 1 or 4 months, will the earned stake rewards be frozen for the same amount of time?


When voluntarily freezing coins, all rewards will remain attached to the original coin input that staked the reward, and will remain frozen for either the 1 or 4 month maturity timeframe.

However, if you designate your stake reward to be sent to a separate address that you own, then those rewards will be a mix of both spendable and reserve, based on the whatever the current peg index is.

For example, if you designate your rewards to be sent to a separate address and the peg index is at 0, then you could spend all 40 coins that went to that separate designated address.

If you delegate stake rewards to a separate address and peg is 50% deflated (for example), then about 50% of your 40 coins would be spendable, and the other 50% would be reserve. So it would equate to approximately 20 liquid coins and 20 reserve coins.

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