Is the poker xmas surprise or just bonus?


i am curious about it. is that all or do i have to expect more?


Poker is the main x-mas surprise


OMG, very disappointing… Everyone expected it was some kind of a contract thing with eBay. we are all wrong!!!


Someone put a fake picture out there. I have repetedly said it’s fake, and so have other team members. Never listen to rumors. BitBay is very transperent, and we keep our community informed. If you are in doubt if something is true or just a rumor, ask a member of the team. This forum is the best place to ask.


Thank you for your response.


I think as a community we are all pretty disappointed. I mean we invested in a product that’s aim was to change the marketplace, instead we got a poker game? It doesn’t make sense and have much relevance, I hope that the developers hear us. We’d like to see developments in the product itself and it made better (making it more user friendly, appealing, improving marketing, having active communication, partnerships, additional features added etc)


@Jacksonf the poker game is just a surprise … a side project of a member that wanted to show us what is possible with BB … the rest of the development for BitBay goes as laid out in the roadmap.

BitBay currently has a small team but we are in the process of bringing more people on board as you can see in recruitement section. This means more people in development, marketing, community building, finding partners etc. I believe in 2018 you will see all the things you hoped for from BitBay


Can someone please elaborate; is the poker site connected to Bitbay because the site will use Bay as the currency? Or are there any other connections ie: is the multisig wallet only connected to Bay and in the future if any other websites wants to use multisig wallets, does it mean they will use Bay as the currency? Cheers


The poker site uses Bay as currency.
I also just wrote a lenghty post that is related to your question here: