Is there any possibility that BitBay will be listed on the KRW?


Is there a plan in Korea that will allow more people to access BitBay?


As I understand it, Upbit intends to add Bay/KRW pair in addition to the BAY/BTC pair they already have. I have not spoken to them myself though, so please do not take this answer as a confirmation that it is certain to happen.
We have also gotten invites from several other Korean exchanges to get listed. A main problem is that exchanges often ask a listing fee that is not proportional to the volume they offer. But we will keep talking to exchanges, and maybe it is possible to find a solution in the future.


Thanks for the reply. I cheer bit bay. I hope you will grow up nicely through endless communication with Korea.


What’s news about listings on other exchanges those haven’t bitbay’s pairs such as kraken, bitfinex ,etc?


News will be announced in this forum, twitter, fb, telegram, BCT if/when there are any