Marketing Brainstorm Thread


Hello everyone!

This week some people have expressed concerns as to how effectively we are marketing the BitBay Market Client. While I can tell you with certainty we are working behind the scenes to make a solid, coordinated effort to spread the word about BAY, in order to get everyone involved we decided to pose this question to the community.

So what would you like to see from BitBay to gain more eyes from investors and early-adopters?

So far, suggestions I have seen personally are:

  • Promotional Facebook campaigns
  • Twitter ad campaigns
  • An introduction video for people who may not necessarily have time to spare reading our website in its entirety
  • Get BitBay listed on other exchanges

This being only a few, of course. What do you think BAY should do to spread the word?


What we can and should do, is to create content that answers a need (usually expressed in a search on Google) and redirecting the answer to the functionality of the market client, with examples such as videos, gif screenshots and the likes. Then do outreach and promotion on social media with the content.

For example, we should be ranking for the term “decentralized marketplace”, not someone else writing about us:


There is very little presence if any on reddit, medium and steem. Coins that have been around for a lot less time and don’t even have a product have much larger valuations as they have created successful communities through the above platforms.


bitbaylover was gone, but bitbay wasn’t, surprisingly. Which brings me to my first suggestion. You need to do something to get BitBay’s search ranking on Google above that of the polish crypto exchange of the same name. It makes this coin almost uninvestable.

I appreciate there is resistance on the team to changing the name, as it’s a great name and why should you? But what good is a great name if it’s also primarily associated with some tinpot Eastern European exchange. It’s not just no good, it’s massively damaging. This needs to be fixed, even if it means paying the ad fee.

I also agree with those who have suggested that some other high profile listings would be helpful. Just by being on Binance, for example, you get seen by 4million users (and up to 250k more per day, based on recent registration numbers).

They at least will observe the coin and the low price. A fraction of those will then do some due diligence. And a fraction of those will work out what we all have, which is that this is an undervalued coin, a great - visionary, even, when you really think about it - platform, and a fantastic underdog story (and who doesn’t love those). Those fractions could equate to many thousands of new investors and all that comes with that, including more of a buzz on reddit etc.

This coin should be top 100. Easy.


I would love for us to be on at least one more exchange. Both KuCoin and Binance has “Community” coin-challenges. Even though our coin might have a too small community to win one of those, there certainly is a great opportunity to get the words out that we exist!


I’ve been thinking about this for a few weeks, and I have a few ideas, but I also have a few questions to better align my suggestions with the feedback.

  • The first issue is the name.

The polish exchange having the same name is a problem. I’ve watched numerous times when people come into the telegram channel and are looking for the polish exchange, and find Bitbay instead. I see really two options here, the name being changed or a serious sustained push to change the narrative. With the latter having an unknown price projection I’m wondering how feasible this is/

  • Lack of Exchanges

This is hurting any potential for growth. Ideally I’d love to see no more than 30% allocated to a single exchange. If we were to dive down further, I’d prefer that a majority of coins be made available across decentralized exchanges; so the current case of what’s going on with Bittrex (closing registrations and essentially trapping growth) can’t happen again.

I was informed we’re on blocknet now, and I’ll be looking into them further. I’m a big fan of Kucoin’s layout. One of the slightly cleaner layouts among the centralized exchanges. I’m also aware of resistance against Binance due to the price to list.

Could we brought up to speed what the current direction would be in lieu of listing on Binance?

  • Marketing Direction

We really need a 90 sec or close to video detailing what Bitbay is, and what it’s meant to be used as. I’d cite Oyster Perl as a good example of this. In it’s current state, you have to do a ton of reading, and even being somewhat technical can still result in confusion. There should be a happy medium where the customer can quickly ascertain what Bitbay is while having technical details ready for those who’d like an in-depth review.

  1. What’s Bitbay’s current direction/strategy in regards to marketing Bitbay?

As I see things now, it feels like everything is in a bit of a standstill until the Peg comes out.

  1. Will there be a marketing build-up leading to the release of the dynamic peg? How I see it, once the peg is in place, Bitbay is ready to take over the market.

  2. Are there any marketing initiatives that would get cancelled as a result of listing on binance?

  • The Side Project

Much of this still is foreign to me, but what is current status of this? Has bitbay licensed it’s “secure wallet” for use by casino’s for payment processing?

From the outside in, it would seem beneficial for Bitbay to license out it’s integrated secure wallet to casino’s as a replacement to current measures to provide a more secure and safe environment for customers.

Can Bitbay handle that kind of traffic? Are Segwit, and Lightning Network upgrades needed?


I think we all agree that Bitbay has a solid team and product. The challenge is getting others to see that as well.


binance will not happen. The price is outragously high.


Agree with Piscean Luva on all counts.

As for listing on Binance, if the price is too high, somewhere else then. But somewhere. And somewhere easy to register with a lot of international flow!

Relatedly, is it only possible to trade BAY vs BTC? As far as I can tell, the answer is ‘yes’. That is bad news. Two reasons.

One: if there is a positive shock that pushes up BTC, BAY gets sold. If there is a negative shock that pushes down on BTC (and so all cryptos), BAY gets sold. We’re suffering doubly on the exposure to BTC/the market. That means any good news relating just to BAY, as opposed to the wider market, gets swamped, and isn’t being reflected fairly in the price.

Two: if you want to trade BAY speculatively - because, hey, check it out, those guys just launched some great new stuff (which in the normal financial world should equate to a bump in price, rightly so) - you might well not bother, because you’re constantly having to go via BTC, which makes the whole thing slow and stressful and expensive. Pass. I can trade other stuff much more easily thanks. And there is nothing wrong with that.

So, as well as listing on more exchanges, you should ditch the BTC pair (the past, frankly) and go for ETH instead. That resolves both problems above. It’ll disentangle BAY from the fortunes of BTC and the hysteria of the mob. And it’ll pair you with another relatively quick, cheap to trade, asset, which will make it much more liquid for short term investors to punt on. Short term flow is good, as flow means liquidity. The more liquid BAY is, the more comfortable that long-term investors - not just the speculators - will be holding it.

The bigger the mix of investors, the better. I sense that there is too puritanical an emphasis on long-term money here. You need both.

Separately, I have seen concerns about succession planning if the lead developer meets a sticky end. Looking at the team, you need to be trumpeting the talent waiting in the wings to take things forward. This is a legitimate investor concern and has been dismissed too readily, or, at least, without fully explaining how the platform will continue to be developed in the absence of David Z.

One last thought. David’s/BAY’s story should be trumpeted. It’s all been defensive so far - members of the team responding to negative comments in chatrooms. But this is something to go on the offensive with. It’s a real comeback story. If you aren’t already, you should be out doing the rounds at the conventions, pressing the flesh, shouting about how BAY IS BACK - with the new client, upcoming mobile app, and the peg trial. Forget ICOs. Forget proof of concept. This is the real thing. Get people excited, get them watching this space, get some positive editorials in the blogs etc that matter. Everyone has seen Jerry Macguire. BAY is the Rod Tidwell of cryptos. All heart! So market that mother!


well said. I’m all for strong documented use cases of our software in all it’s various forms


excellent points well presented!


To answer on the brand name:

I’ve followed BitBay’s website for many months before I recently started doing search marketing (in my second week at the time of writing this) as part of the Bitbay team, and I can tell you when you searched for “bitbay” back in September or so, only the Polish exchange site was visible.

Now in January 2018 is fighting at the top of Page 1 alongside the Polish site, and since November 2017, there has been a bunch of traffic coming in through 200+ “bitbay”-related keywords.

That means that Google has recognized as its own entity for that brand name, meaning we are competing toe-to-toe with the Polish exchange for the term “bitbay”. Now is not the time to give up and change the name. We just got our momentum through solidifying the brand name over time.

But I agree with you that we should bid on the brand name. As a recognized entity now this would be cheap clicks. But as we’re currently laying the foundation for our organic search strategy, organic search will be prioritized for now.

Once the organic efforts are robust enough to roll out for paid search and even other languages, we’ll definitely keep the ball rolling.

Thanks for your comments and ideas!


Especially as us are decentralized and hence can’t be shutdown while is a centralized exchange that can close at ANYTIME.


Hello Bay Team!
I think I may have an interesting idea that deserves to be entertained.

Since I first found Bitbay, I was blown away by the beautiful site. After months of researching Coins, reading white papers, and sifting through the murky cryptocurrency ecosystem - BitBay was truly a site for sore eyes. As I’ve been hodling my BAY, I’ve naturally grown more curious about this project and the more I dig into it the and now I have arrived here. The BitBay Community…

I’d like to put focus on the fact that a majority of the Coin Projects/ Teams out there typically lack in a handful of common sense categories while BitBay seems to effortlessly conquer while the team is hard at work on materializing the vision.

TLDR; BitBay is the perfect recipe for a solid community. Newcomers are warmly welcomed with a crisp User Experience every step of the way - The Site is gorgeous, the Twitter is bumping, and the forum community is rich with involvement.

Thie Idea
Promote adoption with a community voting Campaign. BAY holders can donate BAY for areas that they would like to see improved.

  1. Define a Main Objective
  2. Set stretch goals
  3. Vote!
  4. Implement!

Additional Notes & Figures
I would argue Binance’s recent success is largely due to the rallying of their community. They just finished their 5th “Community Coin of the Month” Campaign, raising approximately $45,000 worth of BNB.

If you’re still on the fence about raising money within the community - I’m sure a handful of holders would gladly fund pieces of this project that they feel strongly about. BAY Investors would understand, aiding in BitBay adoption with their votes in the short term would benefit their BAY investments long term.

Example Campaign
BitBay Community Vote - Exchange Listing
Stretch Goals By registered users

Minimum Goal 1 - Exchange w/ 200k Registered Users - XXXX $BAY

Goal 2 - Exchange with 500k Registered Users - XXXXX $BAY

Goal 3 - Exchange with 2mil Registered Users - XXXXXX $BAY

Final Goal 4 - Exchange with 6mil+ Registered Users - XXXXXXX $BAY (Capped out at X amount of $BAY)

Final Words
You have an untapped resource, your community is ready when you are! Yes this is a rough idea, but I believe it has value and deserves some pondering.

Any thoughts around this notion?


How eBay do the marketing in US?
How alibaba market the to Chinese ?
How flipcart get popular in India?
How souq get users in Arabic Muslim countries ?
How young teenagers love using wish app?
How long take the Amazon get billions users?
Would the founders team can find some vc and build a cofounder benefit share system?
Can founders engage with media from time to time?Proactive.
David can say "bezons are totally evil ,politic business to Quora,techcrunch,CNN,BBC ,etc.
You guys can list 10 evil thing eBay did for consumers and merchants.
You guys also can have talks in forums with Putin,Trump…
Users love using app now,and the bitbay market still on web client.
Factory owners would love using unbreankable contract and double deposit features.
No worries ,take time.If you guys genuinely build a fair market for buyers and sellers .


I like the fact that people are genuinely interested and want to help this project

Of course all the ideas above are very interesting

I will also add to the list (probably already mentioned with different words)

  • use cases we think that can benefit from bitbay network
  • we need to approach merchants or individuals based on the use cases above
  • help people get on board on the marketplace
  • post more tutorials in the guides section or elsewhere
  • write about the experience and benefits of those use cases

It would be nice if those use cases were told like stories (with real life examples) as is also explained in this article and as this article demonstrates