Need help for restoring my wallet from wallet.dat with marketplace client


my laptop was stolen and i only have a back up from the wallet.dat with the marketplace client.
i don´t have the keys i made only a back up from the wallet.dat :frowning:
now i have a new laptop and i installed again the marketplace client but i cannot restore my wallet.dat. i tried to replace the wallet.dat but it´s not working it is showing me the new adress with the new keys generated.
please can somebody help me out?is there a way to epxort the private key from the wallet.dat?


The Client only uses private keys, so you must have used the Qt Wallet instead. Try to download the Qt Wallet and load the Wallet.dat as the Qt Wallet is the one that uses the Wallet.dat.


no i used for sure the marketplace client i can remember i created the 2 keys but i only saved the wallet.dat from the bitbaydata folder.i hope you guys can help my to restore my coins


it´s not possible to restore my coins without the keys?? in the ordner bitbaydata was a wallet.dat i saved it but i can´t restore


why it´s not possible to import the wallet.dat for the marketplace client into the QT ?


The Client needs the private keys to load your wallet. These are the most important files to back up.
As far as I know the wallet.dat of the Client will not load into Qt Wallet because they are different but I will ask to confirm. :confused:


:frowning: damn this is not good because i thoughts it´s working with all the coins. i dowloaded the marketplace client
generated the wallet and send all my coins to the wallet.the i looked and found in the bitbaydata folder the wallet.dat. i saved them i thought i am good with that data…now i tried to import that wallet.dat into the QT but it´s not working…it says wallet.dat corrupted ??? :frowning: pls i really need help.


Yeah as I thought the Qt Wallet won’t load the Client’s wallet.dat because they are different. Really the Client is dependent on private keys while the Qt Wallet is dependent on its own wallet.dat. Sorry. How many coins did you have? :confused:


oh no :frowning: i had over 42k BAY :((((


thats very depressing :frowning: is there not a way to make something with that wallet.dat ?


I will ask the team just in case but I don’t think…:confused:


why is there a wallet.dat in the client when it´s not possible to import the data .
i really thought i only have to back up the wallet.dat because it´s working with all the other coins.
that was first wallet with keys and wallet.dat. i never thought that my laptop would be stolen…i hope this guy burn in hell : :frowning:


why is there a wallet.dat in the client

The Client Marketplace is a custom wallet with top notch multi-signature improved security, hence why it needs private keys!

Other projects usually only have basic security, so they only rely on a wallet.dat file.

i never thought that my laptop would be stolen…i hope this guy burn in hell :frowning:

I feel you, these thieves have no shame… It happened to me before too, it sucks. :confused: Karma will got them at some point!


i still hope we can find a solution :frowning: is the no way that we can read from the wallet.dat the private key?


because i have the wallet.dat and the that wallet.dat must be my private key and my coins when i am can we export the coins ??? ouhhh man i am trying everything but nothing it so hard …


I can double confirm what @Mantrack is saying

the wallet.dat just keeps basic data about your wallet and it can’t be used for recovering Market Client otherwise any virus in your computer could have stolen your wallet.dat and gotten your BAY

This is the reason the Market Client has 2 private keys and it asks you to save them preferably on a different hard drive upon initial install. Are you sure you did not save them somewhere else on a USB removable ? Usually it nugs you to back them up at least 2 times during install so there is a big chance that you did it but don’t remember it !!!

The procedure of recovering a wallet is the same as the one of resynching as described in the following guide

See if you can find key1.private and key2.private in any of your external drives (that you might be keeping for backups) as they are the ONLY ones that will help you recover your funds. I am afraid there is nothing else that can help you recover those funds :frowning:


i know that i have no access to the keys :frowning: never ever again… yes but wallet.dat was encrypted so i thoughts it´s safe :frowning:


if it was encrypted it means that you needed that encryption password in order to send funds from the wallet (you might have seen when trying to send BAY it would ask you for this password)

so this means that the person who stole your computer will not be able to MOVE those BAY (unless they know this pasword)

but its a different thing from the 2 private keys which were AUTO CREATED for you by the BitBay Client