Steam no longer accepts bitcoin


This is what I’ve been waiting for…
The reality starts to set in. I can’t wait for the smart money on wall street to start looking for alternatives with a real chance at becoming a functional digital currency

Bitcoin is not a currency. It’s just a super volatile commodity that is virtually impossible to innovate.


This is great news. Hopefully a sign of things to come. The speculation has been so intense with btc that it has given people some serious tunnel vision. Has to be a only a matter of time before they start seeing the real value of more functional cryptos.


And of course they decided to delete my comment in their article comment section.
I can’t wait for smart money to realize the BitBay will soon be able to provide free international bartering without the need for forex brokers, bank wires, or Ripple - and Ripple has a 9 billion dollar marketcap.
In my humble opinion, tapping into the trillion dollar forex industry will put us higher than Ripples marketcap.


Are n’t all the altcoins a little dependent on bitcoin right now ? how can you recognize if a coin is not bitcoin dependent ?


Yes you are right.

In my opinion, the upcoming release of all these new Dex UI’s is nearing. This will allow for trade pairings from any coin to any coin. It will diminish the dependency somewhat, especially after Dexes create their SPV and web wallet applications for fast trades, which IMO will pull a massive amount of volume away from the Cexes.
The race for a new medium of exchange will take shape. Bitcoin is out the window for Dexes because of it’s extremely high tx fees and extremely slow to transfer. Don’t get me wrong… it will still be a great way to trade Bitcoin securely especially for the high level transactions.
Cexes use an IOU system so their is no tx fee associated for trading other than what they charge in commission.

I think after the release of BitBay’s dynamic peg, we will become that new medium of exchange for all Dexes. It’s going to be so interesting to see that unfold in the coming months.


Only thing in that news makes me wonder is ‘‘Why is Roger Ver so Retarded’’ :thinking:


He’s trying to turn his billions in to more billions by promoting his scam coin bitcoin cash.
Totally unfair that a centralized select few can decide to duplicate themselves directly off of a bitcoin fork, and then claim they are the real bitcoin and are already listed on all major exchanges.

I won’t be touching it just out of principle alone.


First of all, congrats to this awesome project! I’ve been larping for a while on all bitbay related stuff and also invested a couple of weeks ago. To me, although quite unexperienced in the crypto world, bitbay seems to really have a use and huge potential.
My question refers to your dexes comment: could you please elaborate about the dexes to come up and the any coin to coin pairing (and bays advantage)
For what i understood so far, is that the dynamic peg somehow “secures” bay from extreme volatility, is that right? Last question: (no financial advise ;)) but what do you think are promising dexe projects? etherdelta? Do you now of upcoming ones worth mentioning?
Thanks a lot for reading me :slight_smile:
greetz from germany


Yes Bitbay has an enormous potential both as a currency thanks to Proof of Stake 3.0 and the incoming dynamic peg, and as mean to do trustless smart contracting and commerce thanks to its decentralized marketplaces. Exciting times ahead!

Regarding DEX, the obvious one and probably the best is Blocknet as It’s independent (is not based on the mess that is ETH), has proven it could work (atomic trading), and overall looks professional with a solid roadmap, and also they love Bitbay which is always nice! :slight_smile:.