Suggestion: Recommended/suggested DDE amounts to enhance user adoption


Have a little suggestion :slightly_smiling_face:

Been running through DDE scenarios in my head, and was thinking that newbies might be a little confused at first as to what amount each deposit should be set at. How difficult would it be to set up a dynamic “recommended” DDE amount that changes based on the product/services value, both user’s reputation and each party’s risk tolerance

…could also factor in user account balances and recommend using the actual item or service as collateral if one party cannot meet deposit requirements

(similar to password strength recommendations when creating new internet accounts etc.)

of course still allowing custom/manual tailoring if desired too…


Thanks for the input & interest! :slight_smile:

I think that’s more or less what David is coding right now i.e the additional templates. Presently we only have Custom Contracts and Buy/Sell Coins.
The Custom Contracts as it sounds is completely up to the person but the Buy/Sell Coins template guides people pretty well already but of course if we can improve something we will obviously consider to do it asap!
Also as you know we will update the GUI this Q1 so this will be the good occasion to make our tutorials and documentation better, notably the help buttons. Stay tuned!