Thoughts on rebranding and website


I’m new to Bitbay and have just invested significantly for the long term…
Having reviewed all the content, whitepaper, media across the web and great community I really like what Bitbay has to offer and think there is huge potental…
However I think the website and branding is a bit dull? (Sorry I don’t mean to offend, just my own opinion.)

What do others think about the branding and website? - feedback would be great for the Bitbay team.
My thoughts/ comments;

Logo, branding and website use a thin stencil technique which I don’t think stands out as much as it should do.
Font is ok (just) and whilst the blue works there could be better colours used across the website.
The images are very basic - i.e. castle surrounded by moat feels/ looks like a kids toy, portraying security needs to be stronger. (I want to feel like my precious Bay tokens are safe.)
Image of the houses and $Bay coin thingy again is very basic, = just houses, where are the cars, kids playing, families… this could portray more of what is sold on the platform… bikes, cars, boats, kids skateboarding, someone taking a picture with a camera… etc?

“Bay” & “Bitbay” are both used and referenced - maybe just use one reference for consistency… My preference would be to just reference ‘Bay’… Whats everyone’s thoughts? (Bitbay - Bitpay… very similar… especially for a dyslexic like me)

I’m not having a go at the design team, this is about constructive criticism to improve Bitbay/ Bay (my investment and yours too.)


-yeah google bitbay. the first entry are a polish company "bitbay"
thats not smooth… so a rebranding would be legitimate

-website looks well

-but the communication is not good enough.
makes regular videos (weekly / 2 month). Technology is not everything …
a project like bitbay needs a huge community.

-and the most important point --> keep it simple. as simple as possible.
explain something as you would explain it to a child.
also the interface should be as simple as possible.


@pickletheplacid thanks for your feedback
website is pretty new (2 month old) and there is lot of thought put into doing it right
the feedback we received so far is people liked the website a lot

threre was also an improvement of the Logo which also people liked a lot

The images are very basic in a sense but they convey as you say the basic ideas but they might be revised in the near future as most websites need redesign every so often and your thoughts are well received and will be considered

BAY is the coin symbol of the BitBay cryptocurrency same as $ is the symbol of US Dollars and yes sometimes people interchangeable use those without any real harm in my opinion

@zimuk thanks for your feedback
yes the BitBay exchange confusion is something that we are aware of but have not found a solution yet but a rembranding might result because of this … we are not sure yet

only recently a lot more people were hired to fill in needed positions and communication will get stronger and we are also trying to improve the community and looking for community managers for different languages (if you look in the recruitement section) and some position are filled and the results will start to show soon

we are also aware of keeping things simple and we tried to apply this principle to the website but maybe there is specific things that need improvement we welcome changes please post here in the forum


Thank you for your feedback, we are taking into considerations what our community says and will look forward to improve what must be improved. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the information! Well!! earlier i was very confused what is bitbay when i read the various bitbay reviews i have got the information that bitbay is secure as compared to the other crypto exchanges.