Trojan in win client


hi all, i found trojan virus in bitmhalo.exe with Dr Web antivirus, please report , contact drweb devs for droping your file from their database, or repair your file . If they are scam or just incompetent antivirus devs , please report here, it seems so untrustworthy to find trojan in this soft. Best regards…


Probably a false positive:


probably??! may be u can lose all your money cause it wasn’t a false positive , that u wanna say?
nice perspectives to use this soft


Did you even read David’s response? I just noticed you were the one who started that reddit topic in the first place.


yes, i was that topicstarter, we chated about report to drweb, i don’t see any result about their comunication. R u agree it seems at least doubtfully , trojan in client and obfuscated code


It is common to get false positives in peer to peer software. This is not a new problem, nor is it a problem that only affects BitBay. If you download from our site you are safe.


i used some peer to peer wallets, only your wallet has been detctected as trojan


I’m not saying it happens in every peer to peer software. I’m saying it’s common.
If there really was a trojan, you would have seen this forum, bitcointalk, and twitter full of reports about it.
But hey, if you are worried, just use our webwallet instead.


are you planning to open source in future?


Yes, but not until we have a solid first mover advantage with this software


Thanks for replies, nice to see feedback