What we need now is a good Marketing Campaign


Hey, i´m in this coin, i believe in the idea and in the project so far, i cant wait to sell and buy anything here, but i think there are some still important points to do now, points wich are also not that difficult to do , and i want u to ask for this 2 Points:

  1. More Exchanges, Binance, Poloniex, Bitfinex, Kraken, Okx, etc., its simply a mainfactor for a good coin to be listed on a few markets, this project here is good, but way to low exchanges, most of the younger coins are listed at twice as many exchanges as bitbay. CCEX has marked Bitbay for delisting… wich is a result of no marketing for a great product - no refresh in the people minds/market mind, ok u can say now the product is the important thing, a working product sells it self, i would completly agree with this BUT not with 4-5 Exchanges, if this coin is listed on 10-12 Exchanges and most of the big Exchanges are in, i even would not have started this thread here.

  2. More Marketing, i heard also about “hire a korean marketer” but in my opinion not only Asia/Korea, this coin needs a Marketing Campaign, u have to pay for marketing with connection wich gives u real marketing impact, so bitbay dont needs another marketer, it needs a connection, or a marketer with connection or maybe even a partner but im not sure if a partner is matching in this project, just good marketing will be enough, its a good product it has something to sell, not only another Coin, it is also a Marketplace, and not just a marketplace like ebay, it is a decentral blockchain based marketplace with no fees where u can buy and sell anonym, lol it simply needs no big show, it stands for itself, u only have to tell it, but u dont tell it.

Many Coins will be glad if they had a product wich needs no big show for marketing like Bitbay, just do it.

This 2 Points results in the same problem: to less investments and to less members for the bitbay marketplace. Listing a coin at to less exchanges + no active innovative (justintime) marketing= very bad for a coin wich wants members, buyers and sellers for his Marketplace too.

If i could decide, for the beginning i would look for good Youtubers for a interview etc., and synchronized push my own Youtubechannel of Bitbay also with this interviews and make frequently good Videos on my own bitbay channel… There are many serious Youtuber for Kryptos, decide one in every language, i can tell u one for the German Room: “Bitcoin Informant”.

i can only repeat it: A Marketplace with no fees, also anonym, decentral - dont needs much lalalala it only needs to be shown/said, that makes it quite simple for marketing. Bitbay has more History than other coins, and it needs a refresh in peoples minds, simply a good marketing campaign, only one will be enough, if bitbay is in, than its in and runs by itself, but u have to get it in, now in one act with the “sell and buy anything teamplate”

i hope that i have not to tell u how u can promote this product, there are many ways… like simply a visualized compersion ebay vs bitbay, u sell a 500€ product at ebay = u pay 50€ fees, u seel it at bitbay = fees + u have the same security for buying and selling like ebay with paypal, but STOP for that f. Paypal Service wich stands for the ebay security u also have to pay fees, haha u even can show this in the mainstreammedia, thats the point of bitbay, it has also the potential to build a new bridge from mainstream to crypto.

And sorry for my english Boys and Girls, i dont like this language.


And remember, ebay + paypal = double fees + double of no anonymity
Same Security, in my opinion better security here at Bitbay with no fees + anonym and decentral.