Bay why not fighting back


Why bay is not fighting back to it’s previous satoshi value ?


People are still not realizing our true worth and potential.


Your future projects in 2018?


@shaheryar and how do you suppose this should be done ?

for now we are building what we have in the roadmap and eventually we should see more people interested



Patience is key! Bitbay has grown a lot and has attracted a lot of people who are hoping for it to pump now. It will eventually come as more updates happen.

I do agree with "People are still not realizing our true worth and potential."
As a tip to the Bitbay team, I think Bitbay could profit a lot from marketing. The product and the developments are great, but the public needs to be aware of them. This “unawareness” is the cause of the fact it is undervalued, I think.


Thanks! Guys hoping best for bitbay finger crossed and i have mentioned earlier that do make some videos explaining about bitbay projects and growth and upload them on YouTube and social sites it will help in it’s growth more people will know about it


Well, I think you’re mistaken. No one knows what they believe, even if they simply say it on their homepages and communities. It seems to be time for external action.


How about listing on more exchanges?