Revolutionizing Programmable Money

In 2014, the BitBay Halo Client was the industry's first to introduce a trustless, decentralized marketplace powered by unbreakable smart contracts.

Fast forward to 2018 as we are making progress every day, bringing you the most feature-rich platform in crypto.

With the addition of our new marketing, design and development teams we are set to continue this progress and growth.

2018 - Q1

New Qt Wallets
January 14th


Enhanced Web Wallet
February 1st

Mobile Wallet App
February 14th


Buy/Sell Anything Template
March 1st

New Client GUI
March 14th

Special Announcement
March 31st

2018 - Q2 / Q3

In-wallet Fiat/Bay Purchasing
April 13th


Staking Calculator
April 20th

Client v1.32 (including Native Mac version)
April 30th


Multilingual Website Launch
May 14th

Hire Template Release
May 30th

Poker Site


Web Marketplace - UI preview
June 15th

Barter Template Release
June 29th


Dynamic Peg White paper
July 13th

Web Marketplace - Beta version
July 30th


Dynamic Peg - Test version
August 13th

Programmable Smart Contracts
August 30th


Dynamic Peg
September 14th

Web Marketplace Launch
September 28th


And much more to come

* Our roadmap is an indication of what we expect to release. It is not a promise to our investors. As we expand our team, priorities may change.

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