BitBay Community Update - Feb. 4th, 2018


  • The latest enhancements to our web wallet have been released! Several new features have been introduced - for more information, check out our tutorials on Multisig Wallet Creation and Timelocked Wallet Creation. These new functionalities serve as important steps towards our ultimate goal of allowing users to interact with the BitBay markets online in a fully streamlined and convenient manner (without the necessity of downloading any software).

  • The BAY community has been offered a free airdrop of an upcoming project called “OptiToken”! Optitoken is an Ethereum-based Token and will not require the installation of any special software, merely a standard ERC20 wallet. More information on this free giveaway will be released when available.

  • We are certain our community will be happy to know that we have added three more developers to the BitBay team. The first having over a decade of experience building full stack web applications, and a solid history of software engineering positions at several different reputable institutions. The second dev boasts a long and reputable history of excellent full stack development projects in Python, Pyqt and the third having worked on two separate blockchain projects prior to BitBay. Say hello to @ashwin @Slava and @yshurik in the Slack! This brings our total amount of developers onboard to 7.

  • Beginning on the 8th of this month, we will begin our fortnightly BitBay newsletter. Once every two weeks, a more comprehensive newsletter will be released detailing what we’ve been working on. This will allow for us to more carefully curate our content, increase engagement rates, and create a more professional aesthetic for each newsletter.

  • Note that all official BitBay announcements will no longer be made in the Slack channel - a reminder that all announcements will now be made on the official BitBay forum or the Telegram.

As always, thank you for your interest in the BitBay project!

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abour airdrop
airdrop supports exchangers or just wallet


@javadth92 will give more info when we have an update and finalize all technicalities. So far what we got is an offer from the optitoken developers.