How to sell my Bitbay coins?


I bought long time ago some Bitbay and they are in my phone but I dont know how I could sell them. I tried to send them to Latoken but nothing happened, that 2 weeks ago. Is there any exchange where I could sell them to FIAT or BTC?



So far, only the QT wallet and the Markets Client have been updated to support the dynamic peg. The web wallet is next on the list of items to update. It is currently impossible to send your coins directly to the exchange, because they are on a different fork of the BitBay blockchain.

To get your coins out of your web/mobile wallet, you must first import your private key into the QT Wallet or Markets Client. Then you can send them to the exchange.

Here is a tutorial on how to import a private key into the QT wallet:


I put private key to QT wallet but it is not synced and I cant find anywhere to sync. I cant see my coins. How to sync the wallet or what should I do?



Please ensure you are on the correct version by following these steps carefully:

Once you follow that process, you will be able to sync 100%, and send coins successfully.