What is BitBay?


BitBay is a suit of free to use multi-platform software programs containing the world’s first decentralized marketplace platform powered by a Proof of Stake 3.0 crypto-currency and unbreakable smart contracts.

Bitbay’s software is fully decentralized. It is powered by the Blockchain and encrypted peer to peer technology thanks to the Bitmessage protocol. There are no middlemen at all and no fees. Everything happens in between users.

Bitbay’s currency $BAY is powered by Proof of Stake 3.0. It solves Bitcoin’s problems when it comes to speed, decentralization and fees. Everyone can contribute to the network equally. It doesn’t need much computer power at all so it’s also far more environmentally friendly compared to Bitcoin’s Proof of Work which does an enormous computing power competition.

The desktop client provides the first fully anonymous peer to peer crypto marketplace. Users are protected thanks to a revolutionary unbreakable smart contracting system called Double Deposit Escrow which allows custom smart contract templates and also a built-in decentralized reputation & moderation system. Both public and private marketplaces are available so both public business and private business are enabled. The whole eco-system is secured thanks to top notch multi-signature security and many security/utility features like anti-keylogger, Tor/Proxy integration, notary, steganography, encrypted communications, time based contracts etc…

We also provide a web enabled multi-signature wallet that will soon host our marketplace directly in your web browser. There are also wallets available for GNU/Linux, Mac OSX, Windows and mobile OS (iOs/Android).

Bitbay will soon be the first Dynamically Pegged coin thanks to a Dynamic Rolling Peg. It is a decentralized way to protect Bitbay’s currency from heavy volatility and hence provides short term stability to crypto users.

More can be read on our website feature page and whitepapers.