Our Core Features

BitBay utilizes innovative technological features to guarantee the maximum security in all your transactions.
Learn more about the main features that will support and simplify your trades online.

Unbreakable Contracts

The solution against fraudsters with no middlemen or escrow fees.

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Decentralized Anonymous Markets

Start your own market, peer to peer and completely anonymous

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Dynamic Peg (coming soon)

A decentralized solution to provide price stability by eliminating high volatility in crpytocurrency

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Exotic spending

Make time-based contracts (freezes, switches and atomic trades) with ease

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Decentralized Voting

Completely trustless voting with custom staking and donation options

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Double Deposit Escrow

Both 'buyer' and 'seller' make a deposit to seal an equal commitment, making frauds impossible

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Anti-password-theft system

Enter your password without clicking or typing simply by using the virtual keyboard

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Multisignature wallets

Two different cryptographic passwords to make your wallet virtually unhackable

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Tor and proxy options

BitBay's privacy options guarantee the highest anonymity for all users

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Want to see everything our advanced client can do? Take a look at our Wall of Features.

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With built-in decentralized anonymous marketplaces and advanced security features, we recommend the BitBay Advanced Client to send, store and stake your $Bay.

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