Cash For Coins Template

Looking for an easy way to exchange fiat and BAY directly peer-to-peer, without a middleman?

With our user-friendly Cash For Coins template, this is now possible. Thanks to the power of double-deposit escrow, you can now easily set up a contract to purchase BAY with fiat, or sell BAY for fiat within our marketplace.

One of the largest obstacles to the adoption of the BitBay platform (and all other cryptocurrencies) is a lack of decentralized fiat-to-crypto gateways.

Until now, many people have used centralized cryptocurrency exchanges in order to convert their fiat into BAY and back. This unsatisfactory method creates a significant bottleneck for liquidity, and poses a massive security threat to individuals’ privacy and funds.

With auto-calculated exchange rates and custom fee integration, the Cash For Coins template is a great solution for everyone around the world to enter BitBay’s ecosystem.

Don’t have enough BAY to use for a deposit? That’s okay!

You can always select the guarantor contract option, which lets your fiat payment itself act as collateral for the transaction. In these scenarios, the other party will still lock-in a deposit of BAY, which forces them to honor the transaction.

Our goal is to provide an equal opportunity for EVERYONE around the world to utilize our platform. This template, in addition to our other templates, brings that goal into reality.