Hire Someone / Find a Job Templates

Are you tired of paying for work that isn't getting done?

Looking for a job that consistently pays upon completion?

BitBay’s employment templates offer the perfect solution for those who are looking to secure work agreements with our unbreakable contracts. Thanks to the power of double deposit escrow, both employers and employees can now rest assured that the work will be finished, and payment will be promptly received

Hire Someone

  • Create an unbreakable contract to hire someone full time, part time, or for a one time job
  • Choose between several different payment intervals such as a flat rate, per milestone, weekly, or monthly… and use any currency (crypto, fiat or other)
  • Each payment can be automated or manual, depending on preference and job type
  • Resume/CV and pre-hire interview requirements are seamlessly integrated
  • Deposits are always in BAY, and can be customized or automated based on risk tolerance and reputation of both parties

Find a Job

  • Create an unbreakable contract with your skills and desired positions, and let employers find you!
  • Choose how much you would like to be paid, and when. You can select flat rate, per milestone, weekly, or monthly …  and also use any currency (crypto, fiat or other
  • Easily attach your qualifications, resume/CV, and contact information for virtual interviews
  • Recommended or customized deposits are available, depending on each parties risk tolerance and reputation


With BitBay’s user-friendly templates, the risk of hiring someone or finding a job is completely eliminated in a decentralized way. Each work agreement is secured by a stable collateral (BAY). Both employers and the employees are now equally financially incentivised to honor their word.