Exotic Spending

This is a new version of the Halo Client with Exotic Spending features. This provides multiple custom BIP65 (OP_CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY) features that is built into the UI. These custom features include:

Dead Man’s Switch – Perfect for multisignature business partnerships, trust funds, employment contracts, prepaid credit for business services, etc. Coin can return to rightful owner after a predetermined timelock is administered the contract/account.

Notary and Burn – utilize the accountability of blockchain technology to verify ownership of documents.

Advanced Timelocks With Hash Puzzles – Similar to a Dead Man’s Switch with a hash puzzle or password. This allows BitBay to create Atomic Swaps that are password protected. In the future this could be incorporated in the BitHalo (bitcoin wallet) as well as allowing users to perform OTC atomic swaps between BitBay and BitHalo. Once the BitBay Dynamic Peg feature is released it will be a perfect tool for traders to hedge their trade capital, safe from Bitcoin’s volatility and without any service fee.

Freezing Coins – All sorts of opportunities can come from this:

  1. Create a savings account with a timelock on it
  2. In addition to a standard liquid market on the exchanges this will allow us to:
  3. Create ‘futures’ markets as well