Barter Template

Want to trade goods or services online, but don’t want to pay or trust a 3rd party to handle and ensure the transaction?

Perhaps your national currency is failing, and you need to exchange some sort of value outside of the monetary system in order to survive?

BitBay has you covered.

With our unique, user-friendly barter template, you can now create an unbreakable contract that allows you to trade goods, services, and commodities peer-to-peer - without exchanging any money.

The barter system has been around for thousands of years (and is perhaps even older than money itself). Only in recent years has it been slowly emerging back into the global economy. Still, one major issue has prevented it from being widely used: there hasn’t been a method of secure and efficient bartering without the need for a third party to mediate the transaction.

Until now.

With BitBay’s double deposit escrow securing every trade, anyone can now trade chickens for rice, wheat for precious metals, or even family heirlooms for real estate. The possibilities are endless. Any commodity, crop, asset, service, or personal property can be exchanged without any money changing hands. This serves as the perfect decentralized system for co-ops and local community goods exchange.

Setting up an unbreakable barter contract is easy. Users can create two lists: a supply list of what items/services they have to trade, and a demand list of items/services they will accept in exchange. Every item is assigned a value, and the system automatically coordinates item quantities to facilitate an equal trade.

With the barter template, there is no need for a middleman, expensive fees, or even money at all. It provides an easy way for anyone to exchange value outside of the monetary system, safely and without hassle.