BitBay's Dynamic Peg

Dynamic Peg

Price stability through decentralization

Welcome to the future of usable cryptocurrency.
With a never-before-seen system of adaptive price control,
we are creating a stable and reliable value for $BAY.

Our revolutionary dynamic peg transforms $BAY
into both a store of value, and a medium of exchange.
This creates a thriving environment for both investors and users alike.

The Democratic Control of supply

Every price is determined where supply meets demand.
Since demand is constantly changing, we must control the supply
to counteract that movement. Our dynamic peg is purely decentralized,
allowing every participant to vote on which direction the price may go.

A brand new method of
decentralized currency

Every user has two balances of $BAY, liquid and reserve
During a price crash, stakers can collectively vote to “freeze”
a portion of the entire liquid supply. This decreases the supply 
and increases the price of everyone’s remaining liquid coins.

During a price pump, stakers can vote to “unfreeze” a portion
of the entire frozen supply. This increases the supply, and 
decreases the price of everyone’s remaining liquid coins.
The end result is a coin supply that elegantly adapts to current
demand, no matter how much that demand changes.

Don’t want to vote?
We have you covered.

Using our tried and tested algorithm, each vote can also be
algorithmically automated depending on user preference.

Out with the old,
in with the new

Historically, centralized fiat pegs tend to crumble under
the pressure of volatility. By design, our dynamic peg
requires no single entity to manage the supply of $BAY.
BitBay’s democratic voting system allows for maximum
resilience and elasticity during extreme volatility. In addition,
$BAY’s liquid supply can also be tied to a basket of separate
currencies, assets, or commodities as necessary.

Paving the way for organic growth.

BitBay’s ecosystem depends upon a stable and reliable price in order to grow.
This is now possible, as the dynamic peg eliminates manipulation from Bitcoin volatility, whales,
governments, and even trigger bots. This makes room for adoption, and creates long-term, steady growth.